5 minutes: when i look in the mirror…

i see…

eyes with big lashes full of questions.

hair that was washed with dry shampoo because a lock jammed at the gym and caused me to attempt my hand at bolt cutters before taking a deep breath and thankfully still making it to work on time.

slight frustration and a “really?!” at the lack of results and yet twisted into the heart-sinking am i still really asking if i am enough and am i too much and does anybody know how to hold my heart let alone want to hold it let alone anyone to hold it.  teary eyes hiding out at the edge with a stubborn god is good don’t go there.

a wonder at what does abundant life look like.

a thought of how it’d be easier to just live a monastic lifestyle to be able to find time to do everything…but then a juxtaposition of life is really not that complicated, just breathe, katy girl and let go. you’re seeking Him and your heart is for Him and let it be.

shattering and breaking off


let Him quiet you with His love



4 thoughts on “5 minutes: when i look in the mirror…

  1. #1 – I have been wanting to try dry shampoo. Does it work for you?

    #2 – I think you are SO precious — your heart, your life, your passion to serve the Master. I think I have said it before to you, but I am truly waiting with excitement, anticipation, and bated breath to see just HOW amazingly he unfolds your story!

    • 1- eh. not that impressed but i haven’t tried it a ton…i thought it was going to be great, but maybe it’s just my hair type…
      2- =) you are too sweet.

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