burnt popcorn

Mini popcorn bags are great as long as you remember that they don’t need to be in the microwave as long.  You can’t just hit the popcorn button and leave. Well, you can, but then you’ll end up with burnt popcorn.  Even if you do like to eat that, more than likely you’ll admit that it just smells horrible.  The smell permeates everything.  You walk into the room and the burnt smell is everywhere.  You open the windows, you take the popcorn out and throw it in the trash.  You’ve accepted that you’ve done everything you can to get rid of it.  But it lingers….

And that is the craftiness of sin.  You repent and like the popcorn it’s gone, thrown away, but the smell, the memory lingers.  The devil will keep trying to hit the rewind button.  Will you let him or will you tell him about his future?  Will you keep holding back letting a memory stop you from approaching the throne with boldness as a son or daughter of the King?  Will you camp out doing laps in the desert complaining, dwelling, and agonizing over how you messed up?

Or will you let go? Will you trust that He has forgiven you? Will you trust that God of the universe is way bigger than anything you could have done and will work it out?  He’s got good plans. Trust Him.


ht: Kevin Leal sermon