Knight in Shattered Armor

He stands in the distance.

I see him but the edges are blurred.

his form melds and blends together.

Walking closer.

my big eyes look up.



a tentative hand reaching out to touch the shards

the armor that should have protected him is broken.

shattered. jagged. ruff. battle-weary.

a knight in shattered armor

all this is taken into my heart

i hold it tenderly in my own scarred hands

intimacy born

because i know

i know what it feels like to have shattered armor

to be torn apart



more importantly

i know what it feels like to see the light

filling in and filling up the cracks

overtaking the armor

showing Himself victorious in all things

an overcoming warrior

living in me and shining through

and when i see him i see Him

and that

is my knight in shattered armor

so full of Him