5 minutes: friends.

The fun part about working in a school is that I get to learn right alongside the kids.  Stay current on new things and be reminded of old truths.  A few weeks ago, we went through a poem about old clothes and new clothes.  The amazingness of having a comfy sweatshirt that fits just right compared to the excitement of wearing a happy new summery dress.  Both are great.  Both are different.  They bring different struggles and joys.  Just like friends. New friends take some getting used to and even bring a little bit of risk.  While old friends already know all the little quirks about you and love you anyway.  But the best part about it is that you can have both.  You’re not limited to one or the other.  Each friend sharpens you in a different way and reveals God to you in a new way.  If I didn’t have my concrete, logical friends goodness I’d be swimming around the ocean of my thoughts for far too long instead of just being like oh hey it’s just that simple.  If I didn’t have my friends to hear my heart and emotions and speak truth into them then there’d be a lot more tears on my face.  If I didn’t have my friends to talk biking and running and food then I’d be talking to myself.  Not to mention those friends who will chat chronological bible read through with me and the intricacies of studying the bible. And I love it. I so love the uniqueness that God created each person with and how I get to see each of them.  That even though friends are on different levels with me they each hold a perfectly suited spot in my life. And that is beautiful.

And so it is. The more the merrier.

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