iTunes Thursday: Bethel Live (Be Lifted High)

I just bought the new Bethel Live Be Lifted High cd on Tuesday on itunes and I’m just a *bit* in love with it already…and these lyrics are exactly why (I’m a girl who loves lyrics through and through–they make or break a song).

I was afraid Your love set me free

I was alone til You called my name

I was broken and You mended me

You journal every day all about my life.

I was ashamed You called me beautiful

Now I’m Yours, You call me beautiful


His love is fierce

His love is strong

It is furious


God I look to you, I won’t be overwhelmed

Give me vision to see things like you do

Give me wisdom, You know just what to do

Forever all my days I will love You God


He’s bringing hope to the hopeless

and giving His heart to the broken


If He goes to the left then we’re going to the left

If He goes to the right then we’re going to the right


Never to forget the day, Your love broke through to make a way

for hope to rise within my heart again



So, go listen to it because it’s lovely.  Any other new music that’s got you listening on repeat?




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