friday fun: from white chocolate mint brownies to sleeping

11:29 p.m.

What am I doing up!?!  Good good question. My 10-10:30 bedtime has long past.  I’m up…making brownies.  And why oh why I always tend to end up making a random new recipe instead of a tried and true one when I need to bring food somewhere is beyond me…

(Oh and p.s. this post is totally going to be unedited and just me talking so forgive the run-ons and oh so lovely grammar–speaking of which I totally got to help a girly edit her story today and oh hey there being in my element. Loved it. From pointing out little places where she needed commas and changing sentences. Not to mention that I got to suggest another girl use the name June in her story–I saw a calendar and got to tell her my friend was in SA. ‘Twas beautiful.)

Back on track.  I’m making white chocolate (er almond bark? i don’t know it’s what i had so i went with it and it beats going to the store at 11…) mint (i hope i like adding mint in brownies…i think i will…not sure why i haven’t tried it before…we’ll see…i just saw it in my twirly spinner of baking supplies and thought fun!) brownies.  In case you missed that amidst all the ridiculous side notes and parentheses: White Chocolate Mint Brownies. Vegan/Africa style of course.

Random bulleted thoughts for your Friday Fun:

  • I found myself not being able to go to sleep because I had to-do lists going through my head and it’s so not ideal not remembering what you want to add to the list when you wake up
  • hello big picture head mixed with details to make it happen
  • My head feels like it has way too many thoughts to even know what it’s thinking in some ways.
  • Did you catch that the law and the promise are two different things?
  • Swimming is fun, but walking in the cold with wet hair afterward means frozen hair.
  • Sleeping at other places kind of stresses me out….if I fall asleep with people in the room it says something.
  • I fall asleep to almost every movie though…and really don’t watch many.
  • Elena the mouse is still on the loose
  • Just thinking about my busy tomorrow had me eating an extra cookie…thinking I should read Made to Crave…just sayin’
  • Busy tomorrow= 5:22 a.m. good-morning alarm wakes me up and hello chronological bible reading 6:25 go to the y and run 3miles yay for marathon training 7:30 drive home, shower, get ready 8:11 alarm goes off to tell me i should really actually be ready to go 8:21 drive to work 8:50 head out on a field trip with 5th graders! woot woot! here goes snow shoeing and cross country skiing and hopefully warmer temps 3:00 breathe, work?, get last minute things/pack, try not to eat a brownie 4:00 appointment…um…can i get a i’m nervous 5:15 holla girls night!
  • Speaking of which my brownies are done!

Time to attempt to quiet my head or pack…

Your turn: How has your week been? What’s been running through your head? Random Friday Fun thoughts?