light-hearted thursday

the day before friday should be filled with a few smiles, laughs, and general light-heartedness…so here’s a little story for you.

i lived in africa…in case you didn’t know…and yes, i loved it but what i did not love were rats and mice.  not one bit. i’m a girl through and through when it comes to them. take the picture below to make a point…

yes, yes, i am on top of the table during the middle of dinner because oh hey we saw the rat climbing up the wall behind the fridges.  and that smile…only for the cameras because i don’t do serious pictures.

and this is only a little glimpse of my “not being a fan of them.” another lovely story includes cowering on my bed while trying to call out the window for help because i thought i saw one in my bedroom. i did not sleep well AT ALL.

so, needless to say, i assumed and was quite glad when i came back to the states thinking oh hey i’m safe for the most part now.

but no. of course not.

that would be way too easy.

so you can imagine how much i loved getting this picture sent to me saying the lovely little mouse is still on the loose…

well, hey. at least i can laugh at myself =)

and thank goodness for boys who take care of these things for me.

so, what about you? what are you NOT a fan of? =)