my kind of afternoon…

When the weather hits above 30, you better believe I’m giddy.  Not to mention that I get done at 3:00 p.m. with one of my lovely jobs.  So what do I do?

Throw on a few layers, grab my ipod, my camera, mittens for carrying things, and head out.  Even though I already ran this morning (holla marathon training!), I just had to run/walk.  I’ve missed it SO much in these ridiculous -40 temperatures. It’s my sweet spot.  My oh hey there God let’s go play and soak up some time together.

My: “Words can never say the way He says my name. He calls me lovely. No one ever sees the way He looks at me. Heaven holds me. You would not believe the way He touches me. He burns right through me.”

And that is a perfect afternoon for a snowy February day.


4 thoughts on “my kind of afternoon…

    • no way! sure seems like we do…wish we could go grab a cup of chai tea and sit and chat away.
      p.s. my inbox is always up for e-mails if you’re ever up for it =)

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