what Someone says about dating

The prompt: “What I wish someone had told me about dating.”

Me: I sit here on my bed with my Basotho blanket and I’m wide awake because I’ve just finished a night full of love and life. And I come to write a neat little post because I love to write. Putting words on a screen or a page. Though, I daresay that little prompt up there taunts me a little. Can I confess that I feel…inadequate. Sure, I have things I see now. Patterns that need to be stopped. Heart hurts still healing. Dating stories filled with tears, laughter, questions. But…I sit here. a quarter old. and my bed is empty. my arms are empty. And sure, to the world, that spells out f.a.i.l.u.r.e. But to Him…He leads me back to these parts of Isaiah 62:

Until her righteousness goes forth like brightness,
And her salvation like a torch that is burning…

And you will be called by a new name

You will also be a crown of beauty in the hand of the LORD,
And a royal diadem in the hand of your God.

It will no longer be said to you, “Forsaken,”
Nor to your land will it any longer be said, “Desolate”;
But you will be called, “Hephzibah (My delight is in her),”
And your land, “Married”;
For the LORD delights in you,
And to Him your land will be married.

At that, my heart soars and the tears on my cheeks twist into love instead of hurt. He gave me this verse. He overwhelmed my heart.  He brought me back to it time and again.

And so here’s what I hear when I quiet my heart to hear from Someone about dating:

You’re already married to me, babe.  I am the Lord Your God and I delight in you.  No longer do you need to search in vain trying to fill yourself up with food or running or boys that try to be men.  I am first in Your life.  I give you everything you need. Every good and perfect gift comes from me.  So, dear heart, wait on Me and let me bless you abundantly because I delight in you.  I am for you.  I am the God who sees you.  You are not desolate or forsaken.  You are beloved, my shining beauty.  Like a brilliant gem in my crown.  You, my delight, are wonderfully made.  I am ever patiently working all things out for your good.  So, curl up and rest in my love.

Hephzibah “My delight is in her”