I Can’t Believe This is My Job

Way back in November, I set out to create a personal board that just spoke to parts of my heart that I wanted to see and to put into pictures the direction I want to head.  When looking through the magazines, this quote struck a chord in my heart strings…

“I want to make it great because I can’t believe this is my job.”

I hadn’t really thought about it for a while.  I’ve been just doing life.  Except then today as I drove away from an afternoon/night filled with dreaming and planning…I sat in my car and thought: “Wow. I really can’t believe that this is my job!” Granted, I have more than one job, but still (insert: I need to learn to prioritize and force myself to STOP working!).  But I love that I leave work pumped and just plain excited about so much. So filled and overflowing.

Now to clarify, there are so so so many reasons why I want to make it great. Mostly Him. Well it’s all about Him.  That’s the melody of my life. And that all just flows back into the awe and thankfulness and praise and love and overwhelmed goodness that I feel as I sit at His feet and rest in knowing that He really does see me. A deep, knowing intimately kind of see.

p.s. how many jobs mean you get to play on photobooth? love it…


What fills you up? Do you have a dream job?