one month

Oh hey there February. You’re kind of sneaky in the way you came around this year.

A month of 2011 swept by and took my feet with it.

I’m still wondering how I’m still standing.

(Oh hey, this is when that “You carry me” comes along)

Carried me through the hard conversations.

Bottled up my tears.

Revealed where You want to do some heavy construction.

Told me to dig deep.

Held my heart and saw me.

Grace and love flowed down.

Urged me to move forward and walk confidently with You before, behind, and beside.

Patiently waited/ing for me in the midst of my tirade of questions.

Smiled as I danced and sang it out loud to celebrate and let go(d).

Reminded me: You are For me and want the best.

So, February, let’s do this.  Let’s speak life.


How was your January? What’s your focus for February or what would you like to see? Anything I can pray for you about?