miscellany monday


I haven’t done one of these for a while so I thought it would be fun! Here goes…

{1} I need to remind myself that it’s okay to say: “I just don’t know.” Now there’s some sweet freedom in that…

{2} Let go. Let God. Obey Him directly.

{3} I’m really loving this part of this song: “I am an instrument to the living God. My life a melody to His name…Here the song of my life. Let it be a sweet sweet sound. Let it be a sweet sweet sound.” I even found myself singing the end part during recess in the snowy goodness mixed with sunshine last week.

{4} I loved these lyrics during worship yesterday: “When we see You, we find strength to face the day.  In Your presence, all our fears are washed away. In Your kingdom, broken hearts are made new. You make us new.”

{5} Speak life.

{6} I started pondering running a marathon (let’s be honest…I’ve been pondering it for a long time, but I wanted to do the Two Oceans one in South Africa…that would have been my ideal first running race, but sometimes you just gotta live where you’re living!).  Anyway, I realized that based off where I am at in my schedule, I’m pretty much on schedule to run in Grandma’s marathon in Duluth in June. Soooooo, I think I’m going to…just have to register by today to save a bit on the fee. And to try to convince people to either run with me or at least come with me….

{7} selah. sabbath. soak. shut my eyes and just be.

Your turn. Throw some random musings my way.