friday five minute write

My 5 minutes.

Truth. In reading the Bible chronologically, I set out to intentionally see God as who He is and take Him at His word.  I wanted to see those truths in bold print.  Write them. Speak them. Live them. Stop letting my circumstances and feelings dictate the areas I struggle.  I’m loving it… In connection (holla strengthsfinder connectedness), my lovely bible study started last night going through the Truth Project.  In the midst of texting out some heart junk that all reminded me of where I’m really at and soaking up the words, I got a few heart booty kick quotes:

Every sin that besets us is traced back to the belief in a lie.

That which should not come together the world tries to bring together.

Our faith and TRUST in God overcome our feelings.

Our actions reflect what we believe to be really real.

All of that to say…I just know this next season is going to be one of sorting through, getting rid of lies, stopping patterns, growth, processing, and love. glorious, sloppy love that carries my heart to sit at His feet and gaze into His eyes. He is the way, the truth and the life.  I want the FULL way, truth and life.

May it be so.

your turn. tell me something =)


2 thoughts on “friday five minute write

  1. I am challenged, and I hear you. I am on a journey this year to place my focus, my HOPE, my desires in HIM ALONE…and let the stuff (good&bad) just be that…STUFF!

    Thanks for the encouragement from your own journey!

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