emotions…integrity like Job

“Job was a disciplined person, however. He lived his life from his character, not his emotions.”

“Leaders must model an anchored life, living from character, not emotions.”

My head is churning these phrases over and over.  Letting them brew and simmer in the parts of my heart that need to be refined.  They are from my lovely Leadership Bible and goodness they are doing a number on my head and mostly heart.  In terms of Myers Briggs, I’m an F(eeler).  I am intuitive and pick up on things otherwise unnoticed.  Though, granted, I have this not so happy tendency to ignore these warnings and well even mess up my “radar” when it comes to myself.  All of that to say, that I feel a lot.  While most people see vividly in pictures like they have a “movie going on in their heads”….I don’t really.  I feel. I see the words connected to it and if I want to picture something it takes a bit lot of effort.

Now, Job sure wasn’t shy about sharing His feelings.  He voiced them.  The Psalms are another example of being real and honest about what we’re going through and feeling.  BUT that does not by any means equal our feelings being in line with the Word of God.  Some feelings can be great: fierce love, compassion, empathy, mercy, grace.  Others not so much.  Our feelings need to be filtered and sifted.  If they don’t line up with the truth then out they go.

I think that’s my biggest takeaway so far from reading Job.  He was real about his feelings, but they did not effect his integrity or his character or his view of who God was.  He clung to the character and faithfulness of God.  He held onto integrity and did not “curse God and die.”

I want integrity like Job’s…to be an anchor, a rock, to be firmly planted.