stuck on el roi. #6mochro

Just sayin’ I don’t like any hashtags that go with the Bible in 6 months chronologically. They are either too long or have like chrono in them which just reminds me of robots and outerspace…not my thing.

Beyond that minor detail, I am so incredibly loving this read through this time.  I started out reading in my NLT bible and then my happy new Maxwell Leadership Bible (amazing by the way) came in the mail finally so I started re-reading the passages in there as well.  So, I am on track with the NLT and am at the beginning of Job in the other.  Going over the passages twice forces me to dig deeper and soak up the truth.

And here’s where I’m stuck…

El Roi. The God Who Sees.

Genesis 16:13 You are the God who sees me.

I am not forgotten.  I am not misplaced.  I am not set aside.  I am not tossed away.

He notices me. He loves everything I am.  He adores me.  He blesses me. His hand guides me.

He’s leaving me little love notes everywhere.  Sometimes I just need to open my eyes a little wider to find them.


So, how’s the read through or your own bible reading going for you!? Getting stuck on anything?