god is for me. god wants the best for me.

now typically the same is true with my people.

especially when they are speaking from their heart.

speaking wise words to guide me along this pathway.

so when i get caught up in the but that would be nice now.

i must remember they aren’t playing the that’s not for you card.

or the you messed up so i don’t think so or nope never going to happen.

no, no they aren’t saying that because those are lies and they are for me.

god and my people instead are saying, babe, we see you and hear you.

might be nice but wait, katy girl, because you are oh so valuable.

remember 1 corinthians 13 says love is patient, dear one.

besides, seek Him first and all else will be added.

He really does want the absolute best for you.

so do your people. they love you fiercely.

let them stand with you and fight.

rest knowing they are for you.

they are for you.


do you have a hard time waiting? and truly believing and acting like god’s timing is the absolute best?

i do…just sayin’

and it all comes back to trust.


7 thoughts on “

    • mmmm, thank you for reminding me that waiting is lifelong…i think that’s comforting? maybe? i mean at least even in the waiting it’s a twisting and a churning and a refining us to become more like Him.

  1. This is so hard, especially recently. I’ve just been overwhelmed with wanting to move on with my life (if I’m being honest, this mostly pertains to falling in love) and having to be here, in Seattle, waiting, wishing, hoping — it’s not my ideal. It’s so hard to remember God is good.

    • praying for your heart dear and praying that God would lavish you so abundantly with love in the meantime that it wouldn’t feel so much like waiting but more of a pathway toward what He really has for you which is good and while showing you that the now is good as well.

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