the easy, the hard

What is one thing that is easy for you? Why?

What is one thing that is hard for you? Why?

These are my late night without too much thought responses…

easy: playing and loving on kids. it always baffles me how after i’ve been around a bit—takes longer in the states than in africa—but the little ones find me. i don’t even know how it happens but i love it. i love that at church i’ve got my littles now who know where my office is or where to find me and before long we’re playing tag, running in the halls, or swinging around and around. not to mention that i get random hugs and hellos from kids wherever i go. like at the y and at target the other day. love it.

hard: all i can think of right now is that it’s hard to trust. to trust that people are going to stick around and that i can be me around them fully.  which is why it’s my year for the word…

Your turn! I’d love to hear what’s easy and hard for you.

ht: from tracee’s post