friday write

I want to write yet my thoughts and words seem to be scattered among the snow and I’m too cold to get them sorted.  (Partly, I meant that literally. I am legit SO cold right now. just sayin’).  Though, I’m here and you’re here so you likely expect something.  Therefore, I’m going to open it up again for a quick write. 5 minutes. 2 minutes. 1 minute. 30 seconds. Whatever you like. I’d love to hear your jumbled or concise thoughts so do pop on down and throw some words my way.

Here are mine:

I caught myself looking back at this year and realizing what a roller coaster I have been riding.  I didn’t know one year could hold so many highs, lows, transitions, heartaches, changes, and excitement.  I love the roller coaster once I’m off.  Standing in line, going up that first hill, hearing the click. click. click. Sends me into “I don’t like this.”  Especially if I’ve never been on it before.  Once off, though, I’m giddy and like now THAT was fun.  Now I get that my roller coaster doesn’t necessarily “stop.”  But, in so many ways I see this new season rising up and filling up my spaces.  Already I’m finding myself being thrilled about plans and to do lists.  Not to mention dreaming.  My roots have been dug yet they have also held back.  My heart strings tugged down while feeling spread.  But, now, I feel myself settling deeper down.  Somewhere in the midst I’m seeing the way the Artist connects all of my broken pieces together.  A little patchwork here.  A lot of stripping there.  Literal cut. chop. claw. I see the work He wants to do….if I trust Him.  I see a few of the steps the lamp has put before me.  The relentless, active, committed pursuit of being whole, undivided. When talking to others, I’ve used the phrase, “He cares more about your heart than what you can do for Him.” Now it’s time to apply it to my own heart. To seek and realize just how much He values my heart. And then learn to value it myself.


p.s. you should totally join in on the chronological read through with us!! =) i’m just a tad excited about it! and it starts tomorrow!