want to read through the bible with me!?

Well you can!  I have a few lovely ladies committed to reading through with me already! We’re going to be reading the bible chronologically from January 15th to July 15th.  Since I like pretty things, I made a happy little calendar complete with quotes to go along with the readings.  You can download the pdf file here (Bible Calendar) or you can view the schedule here.

And as for structure and planning….I’m along for the ride and am surprisingly letting this take shape as it comes (so unlike my J planner personality!).

Though, what can you likely expect?  I’ll write blog posts as they happen and would love for you to join in on the discussion and write some yourself! Since I am a fan of tweeting, you’ll more than likely find bible verses and thoughts over there as well.  Texting, e-mails, facebook messages, and hey! coffee dates would also be more than welcome and likely to happen.  Any other things you’d like to see? Do share 🙂

Beyond that, I’m excited to dive in and read the Bible in a new way to actively pursue knowing and trusting God while seeing His truth and promises.

I’d love for you to come along on this fun little journey!

p.s. i might even get creative and make a little button sometime! 🙂