sunday love

Today I saw a glimmer of the part of Africa I miss the most…me.

I chased the sunrise with my camera.

I took off my shoes and let my feet feel the ground beneath me.

I stood content in conversation and out.

I let my eyes wander and observe the room while my head pondered.

I sought out my people for a hug.

I stood tall.

I jumped at helping with a repetitive task.

I was found and loved by a girly I adore.

I spoke with a dancing smile and a laugh at myself.

I noticed people.

I chose to believe and act like it and fight for it.

I stretched myself.

I re-learned flexibility, changing lesson plans, and making it work.

I couldn’t help but be excited and know that this was the overflow of being in my element

all because of God’s amazing grace that flows down and covers me

oh! and I stored away a few quotes to bring along for another day from an amazing sermon:

The greatest destroyer of my future is dwelling on the past. Move forward. Begin again. Let go.”

Power is the ability to walk away from something you desire to protect something that you love.”

“We will never possess what we are unwilling to pursue.”

“We can’t receive the abundance God has for us if we keep staying in the pig’s pen.”

“A righteous man or woman may fall seven times, but you gotta get back up.”

3 thoughts on “sunday love

  1. o kate girl.

    this first line gets me every time.
    me too. the part of africa i love the most is me. there. with them. in that place.

    i hadn’t even thought i could make that, make those feelings, happen here.

    love this. i can picture you doing all these things and i have only smiles. so beautiful.

    • exactly. so glad you saw what i meant by the me.
      the me there with them loving them and being me.
      and it’s been FAR too long for those feelings to be here…i catch glimpses of them here and there and i’m like ohhhh that’s it. even in the midst of such potential heart worry i stopped for a second later and was like whoa who was that girl and i want more of her.

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