I ended 2010 and started 2011 with this lovely girly!  I should have met her in Africa and we should have been roomies in Africa together, but life is messy.  Though, I will say that all the change of plans meant that I got to give her a big hug sooner rather than later!  She puts up with my never-ending questions, challenges my heart to dig deeper, shows me when I’m being illogical, teaches me about boundaries, encourages me, shares her heart, and walks with me from afar.  I can’t help but see the beauty from the ashes in our friendship.  My heart so wishes that it could have happened differently, but I am still thankful.  Thankful that I turned to find a friend who could relate while all of our Thrive Africa dreams washed away as God showed us that things would be different.  A little getaway to DC turned into a perfect way to finally love on each other in person complete with starbucks,  site seeing, car rides, risking, trusting, blogging, tweets, food, laughing, Africa style prayer, processing, Nando’s, hugs, and a new year.  All of that equals lovely and happy.

How did you start the new year?


7 thoughts on “happy

  1. 😦 boo… I hate that I couldn’t come away from dog sitting to come see you both… come back soon? a weekend we don’t have 3 pooches in our house? I so would like to meet you… am delighted that the two of you got special time together this weekend!

  2. Reading about this made me happy. I’m excited for 2011. I have a feeling I will be hugging a lot of people for the first time and reading about you and Stac just encourages me so much!

  3. You challenge me more than you know, Ms. Katy! I love that we brought some of Africa to each other. I love that it was just as natural to be with you as it is to tweet/blog/chat with you. Thank you for walking well with me. For holding my heart’s pearls gently. For reminding me of the beauty when all I see is darkness (oh hey there rejoice)!

    Love love love you!

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