miscellany monday


I haven’t done one of these for a while so I thought it would be fun! Here goes…

{1} I need to remind myself that it’s okay to say: “I just don’t know.” Now there’s some sweet freedom in that…

{2} Let go. Let God. Obey Him directly.

{3} I’m really loving this part of this song: “I am an instrument to the living God. My life a melody to His name…Here the song of my life. Let it be a sweet sweet sound. Let it be a sweet sweet sound.” I even found myself singing the end part during recess in the snowy goodness mixed with sunshine last week.

{4} I loved these lyrics during worship yesterday: “When we see You, we find strength to face the day.  In Your presence, all our fears are washed away. In Your kingdom, broken hearts are made new. You make us new.”

{5} Speak life.

{6} I started pondering running a marathon (let’s be honest…I’ve been pondering it for a long time, but I wanted to do the Two Oceans one in South Africa…that would have been my ideal first running race, but sometimes you just gotta live where you’re living!).  Anyway, I realized that based off where I am at in my schedule, I’m pretty much on schedule to run in Grandma’s marathon in Duluth in June. Soooooo, I think I’m going to…just have to register by today to save a bit on the fee. And to try to convince people to either run with me or at least come with me….

{7} selah. sabbath. soak. shut my eyes and just be.

Your turn. Throw some random musings my way.

friday five minute write

My 5 minutes.

Truth. In reading the Bible chronologically, I set out to intentionally see God as who He is and take Him at His word.  I wanted to see those truths in bold print.  Write them. Speak them. Live them. Stop letting my circumstances and feelings dictate the areas I struggle.  I’m loving it… In connection (holla strengthsfinder connectedness), my lovely bible study started last night going through the Truth Project.  In the midst of texting out some heart junk that all reminded me of where I’m really at and soaking up the words, I got a few heart booty kick quotes:

Every sin that besets us is traced back to the belief in a lie.

That which should not come together the world tries to bring together.

Our faith and TRUST in God overcome our feelings.

Our actions reflect what we believe to be really real.

All of that to say…I just know this next season is going to be one of sorting through, getting rid of lies, stopping patterns, growth, processing, and love. glorious, sloppy love that carries my heart to sit at His feet and gaze into His eyes. He is the way, the truth and the life.  I want the FULL way, truth and life.

May it be so.

your turn. tell me something =)

El Roi in action…

Come and listen…let me tell you what He has done for me.

Remember this little post where I shared about how I would love a papasan chair for my office?

Did you happen to notice the picture above? Oh, yeah? Why yes…that is a papasan chair in my office.  And let me tell you, my heart flutters down so many paths at that sight.  Mostly my eyes go teary over such a love.  As I yearned for the little reminder that He sees me, He did.  I yearned to hear “I’m still here” and “I’m not leaving you.”  He reached down to bless me abundantly and give me a place to curl up as I soak up time with Him.   Such a simple little thing as a FREE papasan chair just for me.  A papasan chair that I can get all crafty and make a happy slip cover because let’s be honest…plain colors are just not my thing.  I’m thinking a happy green and white pattern.  But, that’s for another day.  In the meantime, I am soaking it up.

He sees me and knows me.

How has God seen you?

emotions…integrity like Job

“Job was a disciplined person, however. He lived his life from his character, not his emotions.”

“Leaders must model an anchored life, living from character, not emotions.”

My head is churning these phrases over and over.  Letting them brew and simmer in the parts of my heart that need to be refined.  They are from my lovely Leadership Bible and goodness they are doing a number on my head and mostly heart.  In terms of Myers Briggs, I’m an F(eeler).  I am intuitive and pick up on things otherwise unnoticed.  Though, granted, I have this not so happy tendency to ignore these warnings and well even mess up my “radar” when it comes to myself.  All of that to say, that I feel a lot.  While most people see vividly in pictures like they have a “movie going on in their heads”….I don’t really.  I feel. I see the words connected to it and if I want to picture something it takes a bit lot of effort.

Now, Job sure wasn’t shy about sharing His feelings.  He voiced them.  The Psalms are another example of being real and honest about what we’re going through and feeling.  BUT that does not by any means equal our feelings being in line with the Word of God.  Some feelings can be great: fierce love, compassion, empathy, mercy, grace.  Others not so much.  Our feelings need to be filtered and sifted.  If they don’t line up with the truth then out they go.

I think that’s my biggest takeaway so far from reading Job.  He was real about his feelings, but they did not effect his integrity or his character or his view of who God was.  He clung to the character and faithfulness of God.  He held onto integrity and did not “curse God and die.”

I want integrity like Job’s…to be an anchor, a rock, to be firmly planted.

stuck on el roi. #6mochro

Just sayin’ I don’t like any hashtags that go with the Bible in 6 months chronologically. They are either too long or have like chrono in them which just reminds me of robots and outerspace…not my thing.

Beyond that minor detail, I am so incredibly loving this read through this time.  I started out reading in my NLT bible and then my happy new Maxwell Leadership Bible (amazing by the way) came in the mail finally so I started re-reading the passages in there as well.  So, I am on track with the NLT and am at the beginning of Job in the other.  Going over the passages twice forces me to dig deeper and soak up the truth.

And here’s where I’m stuck…

El Roi. The God Who Sees.

Genesis 16:13 You are the God who sees me.

I am not forgotten.  I am not misplaced.  I am not set aside.  I am not tossed away.

He notices me. He loves everything I am.  He adores me.  He blesses me. His hand guides me.

He’s leaving me little love notes everywhere.  Sometimes I just need to open my eyes a little wider to find them.


So, how’s the read through or your own bible reading going for you!? Getting stuck on anything?



god is for me. god wants the best for me.

now typically the same is true with my people.

especially when they are speaking from their heart.

speaking wise words to guide me along this pathway.

so when i get caught up in the but that would be nice now.

i must remember they aren’t playing the that’s not for you card.

or the you messed up so i don’t think so or nope never going to happen.

no, no they aren’t saying that because those are lies and they are for me.

god and my people instead are saying, babe, we see you and hear you.

might be nice but wait, katy girl, because you are oh so valuable.

remember 1 corinthians 13 says love is patient, dear one.

besides, seek Him first and all else will be added.

He really does want the absolute best for you.

so do your people. they love you fiercely.

let them stand with you and fight.

rest knowing they are for you.

they are for you.


do you have a hard time waiting? and truly believing and acting like god’s timing is the absolute best?

i do…just sayin’

and it all comes back to trust.

airport people watching

I’m linking up and posting on People Watching and here is a little something I wrote while in the airport a few weeks back…

I see you standing there. Sitting there. Waiting. We’re all going places today and for a few moments or even a few hours we’re in this together.  I see the way you stare beyond your book pondering with your earbuds in and your face looks a contemplative, sad.  I wonder how you got your legs to fold up like that into comfortable but I know you are even though you aren’t comfortable in your own skin.

And I see you too.  Your two littles have pigtails today and keep riding the moving sidewalk to bide the time.  They giggle and wave and call out your name through the glass.

And you sir, the one who sat down next to me.  I hope you aren’t offended that I turned my screen away.  I preferred to avoid the awkward laugh that would occur if you saw I was writing about you.  Though, I must say that I am a tad jealous that you have a smartphone.

And darling, can I say that you look adorable with that baby bump.  You do.  Especially with your other darling in your arms.  Curly hair and all.

And little old lady. You are precious.  Big glasses, skirt, cane, floppy hat, and a patience unrivaled. You exude elegance.

All the while I wonder what you see when you look at me.

Do you see a girl wearing Africa on her feet. The baobob trees mixed with an African orange.  Sunglasses on my head and big earrings to complete the look.  Green and pink shirts to add a little brightness.  A girl missing Africa.  Longing to fill her arms… Loved by a God who meets her here today in a beautiful way.  Wide eyed with excitement to go somewhere new and hug on a friend.

Your turn! Write on people watching or something else if you’d like in 5 minutes or less 🙂

the easy, the hard

What is one thing that is easy for you? Why?

What is one thing that is hard for you? Why?

These are my late night without too much thought responses…

easy: playing and loving on kids. it always baffles me how after i’ve been around a bit—takes longer in the states than in africa—but the little ones find me. i don’t even know how it happens but i love it. i love that at church i’ve got my littles now who know where my office is or where to find me and before long we’re playing tag, running in the halls, or swinging around and around. not to mention that i get random hugs and hellos from kids wherever i go. like at the y and at target the other day. love it.

hard: all i can think of right now is that it’s hard to trust. to trust that people are going to stick around and that i can be me around them fully.  which is why it’s my year for the word…

Your turn! I’d love to hear what’s easy and hard for you.

ht: from tracee’s post


dear grey,

i’m learning to like you.  i’m learning to see the freedom you can bring.  you gently remind me that things don’t need to be “all or nothing.”  even trust has levels.  friendships are not either all or nothing.  i like clarity and you’re showing me that you can still mean that. i used to think that grey meant fuzzy, undefined, messy, in between.  i’m certainly glad that as i get to know you i’m realizing how that is so not like you.  you let the boundaries be healthy.  you’re teaching me the levels of transparency and guarding my heart.  you might even be teaching me to start to value me.  though, i must say, i am not used to all this “wait and see” business that often comes with you.  but i do believe. i do trust. that in the waiting and the seeing. god is faithful, walking with me, and sees me.  i don’t go unnoticed.  goodness, He’s even cheering me on and saying i’m proud you’re finally stepping out from those shadows into light.  and so i wait and see.  knowing that it’s in these moments that i can learn so much about myself and about my beloved as i simply trust.  and so with god’s gentle hand the grey is given a shape that lets me be me. so thank you, grey.