2010 photo love

Somewhere along the way in the last few years I started categorizing my photos by what month they were taken…so without further ado here are the photos and a few posts that sum up each month!In January, I started off thinking I could run outside…the snow was beautiful with sunshine, but WAY cold! I said hello to subbing in the schools and to a new church.

In February, I fell in love with *my* tree. I still frequently drive by and try not to look too crazy taking pictures of it and I thought about why I write

In March, I colored…and so didn’t know how true this quote would be throughout the year: “God wants to take us to places we can’t get to by ourselves, but we will never get there if we hold onto where we are.”

In April, I got my dog to take cute pictures with me even while I veered on the path.

In May, I looked cute even though my heart hurt for Africa and so much more…

In June, I held tightly to faith and peace as I stood up for myself and learned to say no

In July, I celebrated weddings, played softball, loved on kiddos during VBS, and found myself loving well.

In August, my heart burst with joy at kids camp, as I finished a triathlon, and as I accepted a staff position at Thrive Africa.

In September, I marked a year and wore the shoes risking to share the joy of a testimony amidst a heart break…

In October, my heart broke again in a new way as I learned Thrive Africa was closing…

In November, I camped out at REI, drank Starbucks, saw God provide and bring joy in unexpected ways all while finishing bible sprinting full of  “yes ands“.

In December, I dressed up and wore mascara even when the tears fell, I took a deep breath while taking the steps before me, started a journey toward learning boundaries, and found myself in awe at how God orchestrated so many details to bring together the things that I love.

p.s. 2011…you’re coming awfully fast.


5 thoughts on “2010 photo love

  1. Loved this post. Hopped on your blog today (I’ve been out of touch in blogesphere) because I’ve been thinking about you and you’ve surfaced in my prayers. I hope you are well…

    I TOTALLY agree that 2011 is coming way too fast…

    Talk soon!?

  2. Oh, my gosh, Katy! I haven’t been here since you’ve done a blog makeover and I love seeing new pictures of you. You’re SUCH a cutie!! I love this post. Your photos are beautiful. You see beautiful things.

    I have missed the boat on the story of boundaries and why those tears were being shed. Can you send me a link, so I can catch up with you, sweet friend?

    Love your heart for Jesus — and others. They way you notice what He notices. so beautiful inside and out.

    I came by to wish you a Merry Christmas – hope it was great – and also wish you a Happy New Year! You’ve blessed me so much this year, sharing your words and your heart.

  3. ooo friend. YOu are freaking adorable.
    You always make me smile and see God. Seek God.
    I love that about you.

    I think my favorite was May when you said you looked cute! I just SMILED SO WIDE reading that. Its true. but it was just so cute…. ahhh

    grieving with you about Africa. In God’s time.
    yes…. and…

    Keep dreaming and seeking.
    Happy New Year to you, dear one!

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