you belong.

One year ago, I made the snowy drive on the right hand side of the road to church. My heart felt like it had slipped out from underneath me and fallen onto the icy ground.  I cried my eyes out and held the steering wheel tight.  I blared the music and sat in the car for a good long while before getting up my courage to walk inside.  I wore my “I love Africa” shirt. Part of my heart displayed for all to see.

I wiped my tears. Laughed at how I still wore mascara even though I knew the tears would fall.  Took a deep breath and walked up the steps.

Worship had already started.  I am not the best at getting to places on time especially when my heart is oh so tender.  I slipped into a seat.  The ache for the presence of my Thrive family and the people who I went everywhere with for a year weighed down on me causing the tears to flow yet again.

But, I did it. I made it. I went. To this church I had never heard of before. That my June had suggested and found for me.

In the midst of the tears and love, God met me. With one of “our” songs, with a brilliant display of the church’s heart for missions, with a hug, with kiddos.

And today. I look back and see that God is faithful.  He’s still with me.  Scooping me up in His arms and reminding me “you belong.” You’re not misplaced. I set you in this family.  You’re here for such a time as this.

Trust me.


5 thoughts on “you belong.

  1. I love the trust you showed then and the trust you have now…and the trust you lay down for the future. Belonging is such a basic want; a deep desire we all have. So thankful He filled that with a great church!

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