ezer kenegdo

While listening to a podcast on “Being a Bride” from Bethel Church, I heard the most striking explanation of Genesis 2:18 (And the LORD God said It is not good that the man should be alone I will make him an help meet for him).  Specifically on the word help meet or in Hebrew “ezer kenegdo.” Makes me think a lot about our role as the bride of Christ as well as the role of a wife in a marriage relationship….

  • Ezer is used 20 more times in the Old Testament and is used of God himself and it refers to His own effort to rescue and sustain His people.
  • Ezer=power, strength, or rescue.
  • Kenegdo=facing, opposite
  • A power facing him.
  • A strength opposite him.
  • A rescue that looks him in the face.
  • Made someone perfectly suited for you.
  • The church is perfectly suited, perfectly designed to face this One.

Now that’s a thought! There’s a whole lot of mystery surrounded by the idea that we are the bride of Christ and that we are His “ezer kenegdo.”  Okay…since I keep coming up with lots and lots of questions in life, I’m off to ponder… I’d love to hear any and all thoughts you have though or resource recommendations 🙂



5 thoughts on “ezer kenegdo

    • i have read it actually. and i think the part that really got me in the podcast that I didn’t go into as much detail above because it was 25 more minutes explaining about how the church (the bride of christ) is to co-labor and be an “ezer kenegdo.” =)

  1. Dang. Amanda beat me to it. LOL

    Captivating was a great book and that whole chapter FLIPPED ME OUT. I loved it.

    It’s so amazing to me that making woman, God used the same phrase that was used only for Himself . . . a life saver – a rescue of sorts.


    • alright alright. maybe i’ll crack open my captivating book and see what it has to say…i just did not like that book the times i tried to read it. and it frustrates me that i didn’t because most people loved it!

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