a journey with joy

2010 is not over yet. I’m still holding on to my word and keeping it in front of me while also taking some time to reflect on this past year.  Facebook oh so kindly made a lovely little application that randomly takes my statuses and creates a little collage. I liked it and it made me smile. So, here’s a little glimpse of my journey with joy in status form:

How has 2010 been for you? Did you have a word you focused on? Have you picked your 2011 word yet?


2 thoughts on “a journey with joy

  1. freedom.
    and its burned its way deep and seared hard and still i don’t feel its sunk deep enough.

    did you pick a 2011 word?!?! i think i got mine! still praying and thinking it through….

    • oooo freedom. now that’s a good one. i need to sink that one deep in my heart too.
      i’m starting to own my word, but oh goodness is it a doozy….

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