a beautiful thing

Recently, I saw the beauty of 1 Corinthians 12 before my eyes.  I didn’t fully recognize the portrayal of such workmanship until after the fact, but now I see the pure beauty.

As a girl in elementary school, I jumped on the bandwagon of “BFF” necklaces and bracelets.  I so desired to be the best friend.  Not just a sometimes friend.  Or an occasional friend. I failed to see the distinct beauty in differences that I see now.

My friendships need not compete. Like a body is woven together yet so beautifully detailed.  Each part works together, but not all serve the same function.  We use what makes the most sense.  I use my right hand to open jars because it is stronger than my left.

In a similar way, my friendships and relationships in life coexist in a connected yet distinct way.  And now, I rejoice because of it.  I rejoice that each person speaks truth into my heart in their own unique way.  I find joy in the ability to let each take their place and love me.  I am so thankful that I can text, call, cry with, laugh, and do life with those walking with me.  In a way that celebrates the place they have in my life in this season.  That they need not compete, but rather they get to shine in their brilliant place.

My heart is full. And so my burden becomes lighter because I let those walking with me shoulder the boulders with me while I bear what God has given me. And together…that is a beautiful thing.


2 thoughts on “a beautiful thing

  1. This IS beautiful! I have never thought of friendship like this, but it totally makes sense. And it’s so relieving! Thinking about my own friendships, I do see how each one has its place and how each one shines.

    This just makes me smile. Love you, Katy!

    • love you girl! isn’t it like a big happy sigh of relief!? like of course i’m going to go to different friends for different things and let them speak into my life in those unique ways.

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