sunday on monday

Have I mentioned that I love love love my church family? Well, I do! I could go on about that for a while and God even gave me a sweet story for how I “stumbled” into this church, but those are for another day. Today, I’d love to share a few notes that I scribbled down yesterday.  They stuck out to me and hit a heart booty chord.  Though, as usual, it’s best to hear the full sermon so check it out here.

  • Everyone needs hot coals poured down their backs–we need truth! truth sets us free.
  • So many times our minds try to justify what our hearts have already decided.
  • We are not meant to make major decisions on our own. Ask yourself does your local church family confirm it? (Ephesians 3:10)
  • God is a moving Spirit. Take prayerful steps–move.
  • Acts 16:6-15 God is that specific.  He is detailed. He is guiding.
  • Ephesians 2:10 God created good works for us to do….He planned these in advance. He knows us intimately and created us uniquely.
  • Romans 12: 6 Having gifts that differ according to the grace given us; let us use them.
  • TRUST the timing of the Lord in your life.

My take-away? Trust. Trust. Trust. God knows me so intimately and He cares about my little details. He is guiding me, making a way, and working even when I don’t see it yet.  Let my yes be yes and my no be no.  Keep on walking it out.  Hear Him clearly and obey Him directly.

Anything stick out to you from your Sunday or from somewhere else?

6 thoughts on “sunday on monday

  1. “My Soul, wait silently before God alone
    For my expectation is from Him”
    Psalm 62:5

    God brings us through seasons of preparation, potential, then purpose, often times without revealing to us our purpose or even potential. It’s like He asks us to prepare a table, when we don’t know whose coming, or what kind of food is going to be served… And He calls us to trust

    When we read through the Psalms we see that the Psalmists did a lot of waiting on God, silently, sometimes alone, and God allowed each of them to be used mightily by Him. It’s a crazy beautiful thing to submit to His will and His authority, and we learn a lot, but we must allow His preparation to be done by His hand, for we know that “the eye [has not] seen any God besides You, who acts for the one who waits for Him” Isaiah 64:4

    Stay Strong! You’re very inspiring!

  2. Good thoughts – last night, I was reading through Psalm 91, and the part that stuck out to me was when it said,

    “I will be with him in trouble.”

    Not that God will erase trouble from our lives, but rather, He will always be with us even IN the trouble.

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