Bible in 90 Days….check!

So, I’ve been pretty quiet on this little space.  The “add new post” button kept calling my name.   I even clicked it a few times, but ended up hitting x.  I’m overloaded on information and processing.  From slamming doors to new steps to sprinting through the Bible to holidays, I’m just now resurfacing.

With that said, I’m here. I’m fighting my way through the information overload. I’m living the questions. I’m trudging through the messy.  I’m smiling with hesitation and abandon.  And in my own sort of way, I’m loving it. More thoughts to come on these lovelies, but until then here’s a little something that gives cause for a happy dance:

90 days ago I started reading in Genesis and today I finished Revelation.

1503 pages in the Amplified version.

That alone causes so many extra lovely thoughts stored away for another day.

Get ready, loves, I’m ready for some writing.


14 thoughts on “Bible in 90 Days….check!

  1. Congrats on getting through! I started but didn’t get very far. I am starting on January 3rd with I’m going to try very hard to complete it this time!

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