changing world


All of my plans were firmly set…

I forgot how quickly things can change

now my vision can not be the same.

My life is not what I thought

I’m not where I planned to be

Though something’s gone

There’s nothing wrong with my changing world.

I need to trust in things unseen

I believe in having faith


God keeps teaching me about “yes and.”  An inexplicable, illogical combination of things going beyond the obvious either or.

Love and justice. Broken and lovely. Messy and glorious.

I see it everywhere. This melding and twisting of oil and water into one.

And, today, I have one to share with you.  I’ve sat in this “yes and” for quite some time and there are no pretty words.  Simply put, I would rather share with you a red bow, but instead I have this…

Yes, Thrive Africa is closing.

And God is who He says He is….

faithful, good, loving, kind, father, protector, beloved, all in all, more than enough.

So, dear ones, where does this leave me?

processing, sitting, moving, loving, letting go, embracing, finding joy, grieving, rejoicing, questioning, pondering, worshiping, heart broken, hoping, missing, hurting, holding fast, resting, connecting, praising, waiting, hello, good-bye, dreaming, longing, content, excitement, remembering, holding His hand.

A glorious jumble of “yes and” feelings and actions.

So, yes, I thought I would serve on staff with Thrive Africa for the next three years and there’s nothing wrong with God shifting my world.  Yes, there’s deep pain and there’s overwhelming love in His voice as He whispers to my heart….

“Just keep on following me, baby girl, even when everything looks illogical.  I know what I’m doing. I’ve got you in my arms, babe.”

11 thoughts on “changing world

    • i’ll let you know if you let me know when you find some =) though in this…i realized that in some ways a neat little box with a red bow would detract from and take away from the messy reality…if that makes any sense…! probably just another yes and in there 😉

  1. Praying for you! 🙂
    Like I told Stacey, God isn’t surprised by all of this, so His plans for you haven’t changed!


  2. Katy – didn’t even think about how everything would impact your journey… so sorry. There is a scripture that reads “As for God, His way is perfect” (ps 18.30)… God gave me that on a day I was divorced and laid off (same day) back in 2001 – it was all I had to hold on to, but it held me through some questions and tough times. Will be praying for you as you seek God for next steps… hugs

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