my people.



what do you miss?


13 thoughts on “iMiss

  1. iMiss things that haven’t happened yet. iMiss my future husband and my future outside of this country wherever that might be. Mallory says this is just daydreaming, not really missing, but it sure feels a lot like missing.

    im also missing my Outreach Staff team and im missing the treasure that it was to be with them all in the same place and wishing id realized the treasure sooner.

    and i miss meeting with my high school small group every week. it’s so different not having that constant encouragement and having those girls so close.

    man, i miss a lot of things.

  2. I miss Jackson, Mississippi- that city, with all its issues but also so much love, just holds my heart! I am blessed to be able to move back soon, but waiting for job news and all that just makes it feel like an eternity!

  3. I think my “iMiss” list is about the same as yours. Hmph. I totally had an “Oh my, I’m actually back in the States” day today as I walked around a grocery store. *sigh* I feel out of kind of out of place here.

    • yessssssssssssss games with the interns. i so did not take nearly as advantage of that….i seriously miss having you as a roomie. so thankful we got there…thankful we got to the point where i could come down and sit on your bed. and we were roomies and not just living together.

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