sleeping while the water rises

I’m sitting there in the boat being tossed from one end to the other.  The crushing waves threaten my life and splash up over the sides.  Rain stings my face and my panic filled wide eyes blink against the onslaught.  Disaster surrounds me.  I’m supposed to be safe. I thought I would be safe.  I’m with Jesus. I’m right where He wants me.

But He’s….sleeping.

Trudging through the water filled boat, I go to wake Him up.  Staring into His eyes I say, “Do You not care?”

He rises up. Speaks out against the wind and the sea: “Hush now! Be still!”

The wind swirls to a stop.  A great calm, a perfect peacefulness stretches across the sea into my heart.

He cares.

And then He says, “Where is your faith, your trust, your confidence in Me and My integrity?”

My eyes open up to the wonder that He wants me to believe, trust, rely on, and be confident in Him even when my boat is filling up and everything around me looks like I will perish.

So, as I find the storm shaking my world once again, I put up my hood and let the water splash over my rain boots as I walk down to where Jesus is sleeping.

My water’s rising, everything is changing, but I make my bed next to His.

And we’re both sleeping…

7 thoughts on “sleeping while the water rises

  1. you’re both sleeping?
    peace. quiet.
    the kind where he sings over you, the soul abiding sleep.

    those sleeps are few for me and the questions and the fighter inside. i too often harm myself of sleep fighting on my own.

    isn’t it so hard though to let the storm rage and sleep next to him? the best place. but the hard place. the laying down of my mat beside his is a emotion denying laying down, and that. is. so. hard. for me.

    kate-this sparked beauty and a new way of seeing this passage. thank you, friend

    • i hear you. i’m a fighter. i’m a ask a billion questions rather than let it be. i’m out there fighting to hold onto what i think i want rather than letting Him take care of it.
      so yes…i write from the struggle…from the wrestling…from the desire to be sleeping next to him…writing to help get myself there…

    • i love how you keep reminding me that things are met in illogical ways…i need to keep realizing that it can still happen even if the obvious way has passed by…

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