REI Scratch and Dent sales come along a few times throughout the year.

Many REI members who go to these sales are: Sold out. Hard core. Committed. Intense. All out. Ready to Brave the MN winter in a tent.

We fit that category.

With Starbucks red cup happiness in our hands of course.

Not to mention that God was ever so nice to paint a pretty sunrise to counteract the freezing cold temperatures we faced while sleeping on a cement slab.

In the end, my heart left ridiculously happy. Why? Friends to go all out with and chat passionately about all sorts of heart and head thoughts, the buzz in the atmosphere, everyone being excited and happy to be there, bible sprinting under the stars when I could’t sleep,  awesome deals on fabulous stuff, and a memory tucked away in my heart.


14 thoughts on “REI

  1. It looks like you had super fun doing this (what did you get from Starbucks to drink?)! 🙂 So glad you had fun.

    And, P.S., love the new blog look/background/etc. too!

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