red bows (yes and)

I want red bows on my boxes.

Package them up.

Nice and neat.


My stories don’t have that.

Sure, there’s redemption

there’s grace

there’s love

there’s hope

but I don’t have the neat little

happy, fairy tale ending

My stories are raw

gaping wide

stripped to my core

some haven’t even found the

pretty white boxes

let alone the red bows

instead i’m

living in

breathing in

yes, and

yes, they’re raw and beautiful

yes, they’re messy and glorious

yes, they’re shattering and made new

yes, they’re without answers and grounded

yes, I want a red bow to tie this little thought up with a message of God’s love and hope

and I’m letting Him keep writing my stories even without the red bows I want




12 thoughts on “red bows (yes and)

  1. yes, and
    YOU are so lovely
    dear, dear, Kate friend.

    yes, and
    the longer I walk
    the more I
    we, are all
    so so messy
    and its
    who steps down in and makes us something
    and pretty

    yes, and also,
    when I see you…
    I see ribbons and dancing in fields and sprinkles on cupcakes
    and you are one of
    my red bows

    yes, and I praise
    for the gift of you to me
    each day

  2. Yes and is EVERYWHERE.

    You are complicated and simple.
    You are trusting and unsure.
    You are lovely and messy.

    Boxes and bows will come. Something you can take out and examine to remember all that He taught you during that time. Something to store under the bed of your heart for those nights, those nights you can’t sleep. THey’ll be there waiting to be untied and remembered.

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