five minute or so write

I just need to write. To let the words snap out of the keyboard onto the page.  I don’t want to let myself stop because then I might start thinking and pondering leading down roads where all those questions have no answers.  I’m living the questions.  I’m living the emotions. I’m letting myself feel. I’m not denying it. I’m not lying to myself or others. This is scary. vulnerable. hard. There’s beauty in it.  There’s beauty even in the suddenness of it all.  I found myself waking up to a snow covered land when it feels like just the other day we had temperatures in the 70s. My life feels like that.  The sudden change.  Yet, you know what?  As I stepped outside, I couldn’t help but marvel at how much I absolutely love snow covered branches.  That beautiful take your breath away, outlined in frosty wonderfulness. A feeling my words can’t quite get there within this five minute space.  The tension between biting chill and glorious sparkling light.  So, friends, I’m here. I’ll be back. Words are part of my healing. But in the space in between would you mind throwing a few words up to Him for me? To take a bit of that chill off and let me see more of the sparkling, glistening light.  The light that is defeating my darkness.

p.s. how are you doing? wanna gimme your five minute or two minute or whatever write? i’d love to hear from you and is there anything i can chat to Him for you about?


11 thoughts on “five minute or so write

  1. it’s 10:33..i’ll write for a minute

    i am trying to enjoy life and celebrate each moment. trying to teach my mind to not stress. trying to make time to get deeper into the Word (right now im studying daniel). i REALLY need to start taking care of myself. not to just lose weight but to be healthy for my son. pls. say a prayer that i have self control to exercise and eat correctly.

    10:34. done =] will say a prayer for you too my friend

    • praying for you right now. praying that God would overwhelm you with His love and shower you with strength as you step out into each thing He has for you throughout the day. praying for protection and love for your little man.

      p.s. daniel has some sweet, but challenging stuff in it. how are you liking it?

  2. I have that same my-words-are-swallowed-up-somewhere-but-about-be-spit-out-too-fast feeling that you wrote about recently. I don’t know what to say, how to say it, or where my words will take me. But they are there, just beneath the murky surface of my heart. I’m still trying to see the beauty, deepend my trust, and give it to Him but…but there’s a but. A but I’m too scared to address. A but that I’m too worried is too honest and so, I swallow those words and remind myself of God’s faithfulness and steadfast love that I’ve seen during our sprinting. I’m scared to pose the questions because I don’t know if I’m ready to hear answers. So, I’m intentionally (and unintentionally) just being. Being in this new reality. Being in this unforseen path. Being in the ‘yes, and’ that He has been showing both of us.

    There just always seems to be a but.

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  4. Honestly, I want to write for 5 minutes, but I am scared what I might say. I am at this weird, strained place right now that doesn’t seem to want to go away. The stress of trying to make life work – financially, emotionally and spiritually – seems to be alluding my grasp and so here we sit, closing our store, wondering what God is doing next, trying to believe it all has purpose. And I’m tired. Tired of having to fight for change in my marriage and my heart – not sure how to give it all to God and just trust Him because I’m afraid. Afraid it won’t turn out the way I imagine and I may be left all alone. .. . I’ve done alone before and I hate it. But I want to believe that he has it all under control. I do. I do. I do. I do. I miss having security. And yet I know that my ultimate security comes through Him. Will He show up? Will He pull through? Will He find me in this crazy place I’m in and answer? Is He disappointed that I feel this way?

    • oh girl, i was scared of what might come out too….my heart is hurting for you and for all these battles. and the questions. i’m living in those exact same questions in a way too.
      lord, i just ask that you would rain down healing. and peace. peace that surpasses understanding. security and knowledge and wisdom and understanding found in your loving arms. hold her heart close and show her tangibly the ways that you love her.

  5. 9:18 am

    I feel tired, worn out. Life has been crazy from work to personal life. Next week just as crazy. Though I’m thrilled about the 1/2 the reason. My brother in law, sister in law, and nephew arrive from the San Francisco area tomorrow. Sunday we’re having a baby shower for her and my first ever niece. I haven’t seen them in over a year. Looking forward to the time together and giving kisses to my niece (though she’s not born yet). Not looking forward to the business of work. We have month end and it will just be crazy.

    9:20 am

  6. well, i don’t know what to say. i guess i’ll just type. i had a pretty good day and stayed busy. my back is a little sore from moving boxes around, but at least it’s done, right? still thinking about what God’s been showing me lately. i’m almost nervous about what it is going to take, but i’m excited for what’s to come. he’s always good and faithful. okay, there’s my two-minute, two cents. 🙂

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