oh you hope so

you don’t need to stand in front of the closet

because you already know

it’s an “i love africa day”

the tears have fallen

the ache of a tattered heart

yet there you are

standing just the same

literally wearing your heart on your shirt

and you feel a little brave

just enough

to get you out the door

into this place so familiar yet

so foreign. still.

you step out

because you know

you just need to be

words don’t matter

just to be with people

to inhale their normal and hold your breath

before you drive back amongst the stars

into your normal

the here. the there. the missing of both.

but hiding out on the edges

you see her.

your words.

and you catch your breath because

you have this feeling

your words are coming back

and the quiet feeling is slowly receding

oh you hope so

8 thoughts on “oh you hope so

  1. i’ve been to africa a few times and every now and then this ache shadows me throughout my day, night, laughter & tears. i know it well. africa has a way of keeping pieces of my heart every time I go. i say all that to say — i know how you feel!

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