fabulous friday

1. lately, i’m a tad obsessed with wearing my super cute boots. they’re just too fun. i’ve decided that i need to find more cute, cheap boots. oh, and i wouldn’t mind finding some adorable cowboy boots either. yep. so if you find any…let me know! ohhhh and…i may have even been persuaded to go try on skinny jeans this weekend…uhhhhhh?!? we’ll see how that works… =)

2.for being an introvert, i forget sometimes how much i absolutely love random conversations. i love the customer service parts of a job.Β  plus, when you get to go shopping and find that fun person to interact with then it’s fabulous.Β  getting to connect with people and hear a bit of their stories. now, that. that fills me up. laughing. joking. finding those heart connections.

3. this post on mercy and trust caused my head and heart to go into ultra pondering mode. mostly, i’m wrestling through how it plays itself out in my own life and relationships.

4.i had an entire conversation on twitter about smileys. i have mixed feelings. i have used : ) for so long that it feels wrong to change to another. though, = ) kind of has a nice little feeling to it. i’m sorry to say that ( : just doesn’t do it for me. what do you prefer?

5. well, we all know that i have a love for music and lyrics so it would be quite odd if i did not include a musical reference on my fabulous friday list. i finally gave in and bought phil wickham’s heaven and earth cd. so fabulous. deliciousness to my heart.

Gimme your fabulous five!!

a random sampling of heart lyrics:

“i wanna see you face to face. where being in Your arms is the permanent state.”

“whatever it takes to bring me somewhere higher. be it rain or be it fire.”

“i’m gonna carry you through fire. i’m gonna hold you in the rain. you don’t have to be afraid. take my hand. here i am. love is gonna make it right. just hold on.”

“he will be with you always. when everything is falling apart you will be safe in his arms.”

“i can’t sing loud enough when i’m singing for you my god.”

“you wrote a letter and you signed your name. i read every word page by page…i hear your voice and i catch my breath.”

“there is a reason. there is a plan. there is a god who understands….in all your hurts, in all your pain, i’ll never leave, i won’t forsake. you’re my child and i’m your god. come and rest in my love”


8 thoughts on “fabulous friday

  1. Those are cute boots πŸ™‚

    1. School is over, and strangely enough, I already kinda miss my kids.
    2. I made chicken and cheese enchiladas this week – so good!

    Ok, I got stuck on two! haha

  2. I agree with Kylee, and I LOVE my skinny jeans.

    1. My friend is letting me borrow her old Spanish textbook. I’m thrilled to start learning Spanish for real!
    2. I had a fabulous Bible study last night with some of my favorite people from my old church. I miss praying and sharing life with my peers.
    3. I did 8 min abs yesterday too. Today my abs are sore, but I’m excited to do it again. Still wondering if it’s possible to gain abs of steel from this little exercise.
    4. Yesterday I talked with my favorite Costa Rican and it was fabulous. Maybe because he said he liked my hair, or maybe because I like his smile. It had been a while since he started working recently. apparently yesterday was an ok day. πŸ™‚
    5. My heart has been a rollercoaster for a couple weeks. And I hate it. But yesterday made my heart smile in so many ways.

    • -i will let you know how it goes!!
      1. yay for spanish!! you should start talking with me in it. i can read it well πŸ™‚
      2. mmm, i love bible studies. we had one last night too and it was fabulous!
      3. hahhaha i don’t know. i did them often in high school. not sure if i ever really saw great results. πŸ™‚
      4. your hair is fabulous.
      5. you should listen to the song dear heart by sanctus real. not because of what you said, but just because it makes me smile at how it talks to his heart and how we do that πŸ™‚ glad your heart was smiling!!

    • still pondering in a sense…god kind of has a way of throwing other curve balls at me that totally throw my head into so many other tale spins that it’s kind of on the back burner.
      at the end of the day, i just rest in the knowledge that i need to hear Him clearly and obey Him directly whatever He says. which you typically can’t put a nice little formula on…even if i sometimes want a black and white rather than a yes and.

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