friday five

1. pulchritudinous is a five syllable word for beautiful.

2. i finished reading mary demuth’s Daisy Chain.  when i got to the end, i saw that there was an excerpt from the next book.  i failed to notice that the front cover the book stated it was part of a trilogy. missed that memo.

3. sometimes i get really random cravings like for garlic dipping sauce from papa john’s. i am so thankful for friends that not only let me have my whimsical wants, but also are ever so kind to make it happen.

4. i love having friends in my life that know me enough to send me an e-mail saying, “i noticed you haven’t been blogging as much this week…” which made me laugh and agree.  i just feel quiet. like my words are swallowed up. i feel like i’ve lost my “writeability.” i miss it. until then here’s a quote for you about writing: “I’m a writer mostly because I don’t know what I think until I write about it.”

5. did you know that i rarely blow dry my hair? maybe like a few times a month… and did you know that i have lost my hair brush (cue veggie tales song that i have only vaguely heard of because i missed that stage) and have yet to replace it so i really don’t brush it either…. fingers work just fine and really it just goes up usually anyway 🙂 but hey! i did get a hair cut. i think i like it!

Your turn! Gimme your Friday Five!

12 thoughts on “friday five

  1. LOVE your hair. Love it. Too cute, chica.

    I love trilogies or books that are a series of some sort. The worst part of finishing a book, for me, has always been missing the characters afterward.

    And I totally resemble that quote about being a writer. I feel like emotions are never resolved in my life until I write them out and let them go. Totally.

    • I agree! I miss the characters so I’m glad that I’ll get to keep on with them for a few more books….though, the library doesn’t have book two…only books 1 and three :S

  2. That quote sums up the reason why I write. It’s so true… sometimes I just have to write, and write until my thoughts are sorted. I think maybe that’s why I have so many drafts… it’s like compartmentalizing all of my thoughts into different pages… all the things I want to say, but which don’t go together because I have to empty my mind before I can fill a page. Or something like that.

    And I still love your cute self! Fabulous haircut, fabulous smile.

  3. I feel quiet too. Like I’ve lost my words or my desire to write. So, I’m being quiet on my blog to ensure quality and not just quantity.

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