“if i see You this darkness would turn to light.”

I kneel on the floor to scroll through my iTunes list one more time.  I scan my wish list to remind myself that: “No, you don’t want to buy a new song because you have 44 others that you could potentially want more.”  Finally, I settle with a play list.  I slip on my beaten down running shoes (did you know that I consciously have to call them running shoes instead of tennis shoes? I do).

I run. These 6.45 kilometers feel so much longer than the 10 kilometers I ran on Saturday.  Hello, mental battle!  I do a few random circles to avoid into the wind and head downhill as much as possible.  Whatever needs to be done so that I keep running instead of walking.  Around 2.8k, I turn into a little dead end. And I’m blinded.


Even with sunglasses, I can’t see anything but pure light. Brilliant sunshine.

And God meets me there.

Wake up, baby girl! Remember how you’ve been thinking about storms and deserts and walking on water? Well, fix your eyes intensely on Me.  Let My light overwhelm you. You won’t be able to see anything but light.  Sure, you gotta let go of control and give it to Me.  You have to let go of making things happen.  Let go of your plans.  Quit looking. Let go.  Rest in Me and hang onto Me alone.  You have to trust me. Trust me to keep you on the right path and direct your steps.  Trust me to provide all that you need and to walk with you through the stormy waters of trial and suffering.

“i know you didn’t lead me out here to drown….i know everything is alright.”

9 thoughts on “light.

  1. Kate- (may I call you that? You feel more like a Kate than a Katy in my head…. but no worries if Katy is preferred!!!!)

    I read this and wept.
    Reeling being back and not knowing exactly what is next besides He wanted me home and my heart is split and I spill water and blood and I sit and weep for the unknown of this country that should be familiar and I’m lost and this… this light.

    This light will lead me home.

    • yes, yes, you may certainly call me Kate 🙂 i feel like it fits coming from you 🙂
      ohhh, girly, your comment makes me ache and know that feeling all too well…it still sneaks up on me. so thankful that we both know that light that will lead us home and carry us through and hold our hearts well and catch our tears and weep with us.

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    • yeah yeah. that one is the one that stuck out BIG time to me. “quit looking.” i’ve been listening to some christine caine and she keeps on preaching at me about “doing single life exceptionally well” and i’m like hello heart booty kick…now i just gotta chat with god about how that looks in my every day life.

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