tonight…i miss

walking down my crooked steps with tear stained eyes to sit on your bed. my head resting on your shoulder. we don’t need words. we just are. being. together. friends. sure, words will come and we’ll laugh, but for a while we’ll just be. you’ll hold my weary and quiet heart. you’ll let my tears hit your shoulder. you’ll see me and my heart. and it’s not too much. tonight, i just want to sit on a big comfy couch and be with you.

sitting on the kitchen counter tops and laughing. making everything from funnel cake to pancakes to popcorn to banana bread to cheesecake pops to cinnamon rolls to pans and pans of brownies.

wearing my sleeping bag to class and work and stargazing.

car rides in the rain out on dirt paths. sitting on rocks or at picnic tables hashing out life. all the messy, beautiful parts.

my baby on my shoulders singing hakuna matata.

big grey couches where we sit close and share blankets and pile together.

my list could go on for a long time. but mostly. i miss africa. i miss the people. i miss my people.

what do you miss?


3 thoughts on “tonight…i miss

  1. i miss sitting on the grass in the center of town with the sun warming me as i watch beautiful young women create an object of art and love for me.
    i miss the smiles, laughs, and watching them hang in a most amazing tree.
    i miss walking arm in arm, being silly, and the freedom of being girls – together.

  2. OH man. you just made me miss MY people. It’s funny that part of it is my Africa too, but in a completely different way. My Africa has different people and some of the same people, and the same places, different homes. Oh my heart is missing it so much.

    Those sleeping bags & star gazing in them, the grey couches.. some things are the same, but our memories are so different.

    I’m miss it too. I miss my people.

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