Ever since my Africa roomie Miss Chelsea put up a lovely list of God truths on our mirror in Africa, I’ve kept a list up on my mirror at home.  As time passed, I added some postcard/calendar verses as well and then I was thinking I wanted to add something new…. a few hours after that thought these came in the mail and of course I added them to the mirror:

honey to my soul.

a friend that I’ve yet to hug took time to love on me in a way that speaks volumes to my heart. i am a words girl after all.

how have you been loved on lately? what’s your love language?


5 thoughts on “honey

  1. my love language is all of them!! 🙂

    its not gifts, its not words of affirmation, BUT when words are written down, hand written, in a card, or scratch paper, or napkins, and passed off to me, my heart is full.

    BUT, affection is a very close second. I love me some little touches and hugs 🙂

    • ha! agreed! i am totally all about all the love languages. just some more than others 🙂
      yeah there is definitely something about that extra time put into it. that personal touch. saying: i KNOW you.

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