the joy of the lord is my strength

God’s timing makes me smile.  Last week I finished my journal and got to buy a new one.  When I saw this one, I knew it was the one. Why? Well, it’s cute, happy, bright, matches my green & pink bible, and has my word for the year…

The verse on the front: The joy of the Lord is my strength. Nehemiah 8:10

Not to mention that last week, God completely blew me away with giving me a glimpse of how this verse is played out in my day to day life….

I could have holed up in my room and cried for days. Instead, I was out running and laughing about silly little jokes with God.

I could have been devastated. Instead, I kept saying and still say: This doesn’t change who God is, this doesn’t change what God’s called me to do, this doesn’t change Africa, this doesn’t change my day to day life, this doesn’t change who I am as a daughter of Christ.

I could have gotten mad at God. Instead, I kept praising Him for His timing and protection and saying: We will look back on this time and say, “See how God loves us.”

I could have let things hurt friendships. Instead, I keep on building bridges and letting Him guide every conversation.

Sure, I still cry, I still go have long chats with God about what’s going on, and I still hurt.  But, when I am weak, He is strong. His joy is my strength. He fills me up. He gives me peace that surpasses understanding. He is my hope. My trust is in Christ alone.

plus, I sense that this next season with this new journal will be even more filled with joy…!

your turn! share a moment of joy or how you’ve seen the joy of the lord as your strength or just say hi 🙂

p.s. when I think about joy…I can’t help but remember this picture and moment from kids camp where we laughed and laughed and laughed and showed a bit of the joy of the Lord. We literally stood up there with the whole room laughing for a good, long while. it was beautiful.

p.p.s.  song lyrics for the day: “Don’t look back. Leave what’s broken in the past…It’s not over. The best is yet to come for us. A brand new day has come for us. Hope’s a road that has no end. Forgiveness always finds a way of letting love replace the pain. Don’t give up. We’ve only just begun. I believe.”


4 thoughts on “the joy of the lord is my strength

    • awesome thing though? June told me about that verse before we even got to Nehemiah so then when I read it I was like yesssss and then when I found the journal it was just obvious 🙂

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