wee bit of wednesdays: waiting well…it’s a theme in my life

i’m pretty sure god is using even this to teach me to wait well…having to wait for the questions until the middle of the morning 🙂

{one} what is your happiest childhood memory?

hmmmmm, that’s a tough one! one of the ones that always sticks out is that my best friend ashley and i would play on her trampoline (my mom so wasn’t a fan of trampolines but usually let me at her house) and we would make up dances and all sorts of fun things on it. We made a pretty sweet routine to the song “My Father’s House” complete with actions and singing loud.

{two} what is your middle name?

Rose. it’s actually my mom’s maiden name. i love it. sometimes people even call me Katy Rose.

{three} what’s the habit you’re most proud of breaking?

um, the only thing that comes to mind is giving up pop/soda completely. i haven’t drank any since december 2007.

{four} what do you order when you order chinese food?

vegetable fried rice and spring rolls. before i became a vegetarian i was a hard core sweet and sour chicken girl.

{five} what’s the best bargain you’ve ever found at a garage sale or a thrift store?

i just bought two SUPER cute dresses for cheap. one has pockets and is totally a twirling dress and the other is dressy and satiny and makes you just feel beautiful.

{six} what’s the best costume you’ve ever worn?

can’t say i remember too many…last year, i wore a random assortment of stuff for a super hero party. it was pretty sweet. my ability was that i could control the weather.

{seven} who’s your favorite game show host?

jillian and bob? from biggest loser? they’re kinda fun. bob barker is a classic.

{eight} what’s your favorite breakfast food?

this is a toss up. i LOVE cereal anytime. but i LOVE pancakes especially when someone else makes them for me. and i like hash browns too.

{nine} what’s your least favorite word?

one of my least favorite words is hate.

{ten} describe something that happened to you for which you have no explanation.

i don’t know. everything “coincidence” wise then the explanation is well that’s god. i’ll have to ponder this more.

Your turn!! 🙂