the unbreakable one

steadfast in love

and in battle

you never will give up

with mountains to climb

your heart of a lion will rise up

and your love will speak louder

some say lose hope in being a true man, but i say i’ll be like my Dad


I am stuck on this song. Unbreakable by Paul Stephens. I keep listening to it on his website.  Someday I’m sure I’ll give in and spend the $0.99 but until then while I have fast internet this works.

So, how does this relate to babies? Well, see, I have all sorts of babies in my life.  I have my baby (Lindo). Okay, he’s not really *mine* but I claim him.

Then I have my Hope House babies and my kiddos from camp and my church babies and church kiddos and LaunchPad kiddos and  I have my kiddos at school and my babies that I hope will call me mama one day.

Basically, I have a lot of kids in my life. I pray for a lot of kids. I hug a lot of kids. I spend time with a lot of kids. And I love them fiercely. I keep saying that lately, but it’s true for people in my life and not just the kids. I love fiercely and am oh so loyal.  In listening to this song, I realized…this is one of those things I want my babies and kiddos to know.  I want them to know Jesus intimately in a way that they see Him as the ultimate Dad–Abba, Father.  That He first and foremost is the Unbreakable One.  But, I also want them to have men in their lives that live this out, a man they can follow.  I want my baby to grow up to have a heart after God’s like the king David did.  I want my girlies to not settle for anyone less than a protector. I want love spoken loud into their lives.

So, babies and kiddos…I’m praying for you. I’m expectant of all that God is doing and will do in and through you.  He’s got BIG plans.

So, what about you…how does this song speak to you? Do you have “unbreakable” ones in your life?

p.s. I have a follow-up post to this one coming soon about my “knight in shattered armor.” It’s still brewing in my head and has been ever since I read this post, but I’m excited about it 🙂