miscellany monday

{1} cute new boots

I love when I find a good deal. I love it even better when it’s for something on my “list.”  I mentally have this list of all sorts of things I would like or would ideally bring with me to Africa.  One of those is cute dressy boots.  I’ve seriously been looking for these boots since I got home in December.  So, the fact that I found them is pretty amazing. Plus, they were only $14!!! Down from like $59 or something! I wanted something simple, but unique, but cute. They make me happy.

‘{2} i want more of You

When I started this lovely read the Bible in 90 days, I trudged. I trudged through the reading to make my way through it.  Now? I can’t get enough! I’m definitely sprinting. I end reading the assigned reading and I want more. I want to dig in deeper and just soak it up all the more. I’m loving what this is doing in my heart already.

{3} rei scratch and dent sale

My lovely friend and I ventured to the REI scratch and dent sale. We chatted, laughed, shared hearts, and just generally had a fabulous time. Plus, we got fabulous deals! I got a super cute dress, Keen flip flops, running sunglasses and a cute blue headband/buff thing 🙂 Plus, we’re already plotting out our camping strategy for the next sale…we’re a *bit* excited.

{4} brownie deliciousness

Brownies with white chocolate are my backup dessert if I ever just need something or want to bake something easy. Oh and my requirement with them is that you eat them straight out of the pan with a spoon, family style. It’s just how I roll.

{5} straight up

On Friday, I found myself pouring out my heart and telling part of my story to my pastor’s wife. She floored me. Her love. Her excitement. Her way of being straight up and telling it like it is. Her willingness to share her own story. She spoke God’s freedom into my heavy heart. She reminded me that it’s okay. It’s okay to be me and to know who I am and what I’m doing and what I want. She shed light on lies.  She reminded me that there is such beauty in being the one who gets to wait and to follow.

p.s. my heart is singing it loud, but can’t decide what mood it’s in…any song suggestions?

p.p.s. share some of your random musings below. i ❤ hearing from you.


11 thoughts on “miscellany monday

  1. Holy Cow, I totally hear you on the sprinting! I am loving it soooo much! I’m still a few days behind, but it only makes me want to jump in more and more. I spent hours yesterday outside with my Bible and I’ve never felt so close with God! I definitely love what it’s doing in my heart too! Thank you so much for inviting me to join!!

  2. Those are some seriously snazzing boots for $14! Great deal! Oh I love brownies. Never had them with white chocolate and I think next time eat them, it will be straight out of the pan with a spoon! So thankful to hear about how reading the Bible in 90 days is rocking your world. Have a blessed day!

  3. I started the 90 days through the bible reading and it is fabulous! I, too, find myself wanting to read more than the daily reading and am truly being blessed. When I started, I did not think I would be able to make it and even though I’m only 4 days into this, I think I can do it in the 90 days! I started because I want to grow closer to God and am already feeling that way. Thanks!

    • woot!! how exciting that you started it! i’m impressed you’re already doing so great after only 4 days–it took me a few more to get into the rhythm 🙂

    • everyone seems to have done or is doing this plan! glad you got a lot out of it…i’m excited to look back on it when I’m done 🙂

    • i LOVE that you call my boots smokin hott. i can totally hear you saying it too. hehehe. i vote next time you come we need to eat brownies with a spoon.

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