joyful timing

1. Timing

God keeps blowing me away with His timing. Right when I think okay…I’m in for waiting for the long haul and give it over to Him that’s when He just takes over to put things into motion.  He is SO faithful.

2.Peace and joy

Peace that surpasses understanding and joy inexpressible. That was my Sunday. A beautiful combination.

3. Lyrics that hit my heart hard:

“I was broken. You mended me.” -forever and a day by anthony skinner

“Never to forget the day your love broke through to make a way for hope to rise within my heart again and all for love. my jesus you gave all for love. i’m standing in the wonder of your great love.” -this was a song we learned at church…i don’t know the name yet 🙂

“i’ll be found in you. you make all things new” -shadowfeet by brooke fraser.

“we’re sailing in the storms and this is harder than we’ve dreamed, but i believe that’s what the promise is for…” dancing in the minefields by andrew peterson

4. seeing in pictures

So, some of you know that I’m not all that visual…I see things in my head in emotions, words, feelings…I don’t know how to explain it well, but anyway!  When God gives me a clear picture, I LOVE it. He gave me one at church on Sunday.  He showed me how He’s purifying and cleaning and healing my heart…how as water rushes over all the deep crevices of my heart it may hit hard and hurt, but that’s what is necessary.  But to remember that the process is beautiful like a waterfall. To jump in and embrace the waterfall and the process for everything that it is.

5. trust

god keeps pounding this word into my heart. trust me. let go, let god. He’s going before me and will go with me. He’s right at my side.

6. twirling

some dresses are just made for twirling. i wore one on sunday. it was lovely. i danced. i twirled. i sang my heart out. i felt beautiful in my own skin. all for my King.

7. singing loud

i’m the girl who in elementary school refused to sing in front of the whole class…i thought i wasn’t a good singer and that my rights (hello girl who read too many john grisham lawyer books in 4th grade) said i didn’t have to sing–that caused a big ruckus!  even now, i don’t think of myself as a good singer, but i can’t help but sing it loud when i’m worshiping because everyone else fades away…so needless to say i was surprised when after worship during the little shake each other hands/give high fives fun someone said “oh, and i loved hearing you sing.” insert: “uhhhhhhh, what!?” sometimes perspective is key and hey even though i’m not convinced i’ll take it over a “could you move because you’re horribly off-key voice is distracting me.”

8. reading love

i went to the library. i LOVE books. i finally started reading The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith and ohhhh my heart it transports me to africa. love that. also have passion and purity by elisabeth elliot and some francine rivers on my nightstand.

9. tattoo

i kind of sort of maybe made tentative up in the air plans for when i might get my tattoo. (i want hephzibah (Isaiah 62:4 “My delight is in her”) in hebrew on my wrist). we’ll see. 🙂

10. soda pop

i haven’t drank any pop since dec. 2007. so i rarely say the word, but i think i should start calling it soda pop. it just sounds like fun 🙂


4 thoughts on “joyful timing

  1. Don’t you just love God’s timing. It’s always perfect. I love “Forever And A Day”. Perfect lyrics. Sounds like you are a “Seer”. I am too. God always speaks to me through pictures and visions. I often try and paint what He shows me abstractly. You can view those on my “Art blog”. The picture He gave you is beautiful! That would be an amazing tatoo to have. Love that passage of scripture. I am your newest follower.

    • yes, I totally love God’s timing and that song is definitely one of my faves! I will have to go check out your art blog…sounds awesome! glad to have you following and excited to get to “know” you better!

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