you:create…so much fun!

This week I have had so much fun just playing around.  I found a bunch of free online scrap booking kits, fonts, buttons and all sorts of fun things.  I got lost in the creating. I found myself looking at things in fresh ways. Seeing myself through what I created and what my heart was drawn to on the page.

So, I created a cute little background for this little blog here and then here are some screen shots of some of the other pages I’m still playing around with–I’m very much a keep tweaking things along the way and take my time in settling down roots.  Oh, and did you notice my cute little buttons on the side? They make me happy. And oh, I added a “To Africa With Love” tab…that is *under construction* because I’m still creating all sorts of fun things for it like a video, a button, and words to go with my heart.

What did I learn along the way? That my heart gravitates toward the bright, the pastels, the girly, the things that make me smile.  The pages that let me breathe a deep breath of joy.  That I love the process of creating more than the finished project.  I don’t like finishing totally, but leaving room for flexibility and adjustment as things develop.  That I’m a work in progress and ever changing. Oh, and as usual…my heart goes back to love.

So, what do you think? Do you like it? What does your heart gravitate toward?

15 thoughts on “you:create…so much fun!

  1. I love all your creations! The background to this blog is fabulous and makes me happy to look at it!! 🙂

    Where did you find all the free digital stuff to make it (especially the first set of letters that say “Katy” – adorable!!). I am doing my daughter’s babybook digitally so I would love some more resources. If you have a second and remember where they were I would love an email!

    • Yeah, with the fixed scrolling it makes it hard to read at times and made me ponder it for a while…but I’ll keep it up for a while–I’m the type who likes to create new things so I’m sure I’ll switch to something new soon! 🙂

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