hands lifted up

At kids’ camp, I heard a comparison.  A simple one:  When we raise our hands up while singing during worship, we are like little children asking to be picked up.  I keep coming back to this in my heart so here’s my slightly expanded story version:

A little girl runs up to her father and stumbles on the way.  Skinned knees and teary eyes, she still looks up.  She sees her daddy’s eyes and flings her arms up in the air begging to be picked up. Oh, how she longs to be scooped up into her father’s loving arms!  Her heart is laid bare with its desire apparent: to be held.  She is vulnerable as she half lays on the ground yet knows that he is safe.  She puts herself fully in his care.  Finally, with a swoosh of air, she is shielded from all that surrounds as his strong arms draw her near.  She is so close that she can hear his heart beating.

Lately, I keep finding myself singing my heart out with arms held high. I find myself as that little girl who is working her way toward her Father’s arms.  Stumbling along the way and yet still reaching for Him.  Desiring to be held in His arms and to know that He’s taking care of it all.  Surrendering all to Him and gazing into His eyes. Because, really, it all comes down to….


that He will pick me up off the ground

that He is making all things beautiful

that He will do beyond all that I can ask or imagine

that His timing is best

that He holds my messy heart

that He will go back to Africa with me

that He is preparing us

that He loves us


what are you trusting?

4 thoughts on “hands lifted up

  1. I enjoyed reading this, but totally did a double take because I put up a post with the exact same title last night!

    And, to answer the question, I am trusting God with being in Africa and for my future husband (there’s a lot of smaller things–way to many to mention).

    • ha! i totally read your post and didn’t even think twice about it being the same title…funny!
      and yes, trusting god for my future husband is way up on my list. it’s hidden within the list up there 🙂
      praying and trusting with and for you!

  2. Always trusting God with my future husband. I want to meet him already!

    But mostly trusting him with my day-to-day life right now. It’s hard to know that my life is good when it’s not what I would have decided for myself.

    • hehe, i think all three of us would love to meet our husbands!
      praying this for you and jen today and well, ha, me too… “may He grant you according to your heart’s desire…may the Lord fulfill all your petitions.”

      and I have a hard time trusting Him with things that don’t look like how I wanted them or how I would have decided…even how this season at home was and still is. but resting in His perfect timing.

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