6 thoughts on “fierce

  1. I’ve been loving 1 Peter recently. There is some good stuff that I’ve never really taken the time to dig into.
    And I love that picture of South Africa. What a beautiful view — so close to my heart, and a place my heart misses so much.

    • it’s amazing how much good stuff the “little” books pack in there. my heart misses it too and i love this picture…it was on a sunday when i trekked off toward eagle in the middle of winter and found a rock to settle in and sort out some heavy heart questions with God. i love that you can’t see my face and that even though my heart is heavy i’m looking out toward the future, toward hope.

  2. Hello Katy! I’ve just discovered your sweet blog! This verse in 1 Peter particularly spoke to me…it’s amazing that we can share the same things and our faith in Jesus 🙂 Love,

    • so glad you found your way over here!! nice to “meet” you! and I love how God connects us all and brings us alongside each other especially when we’re in the “fight” 🙂

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