quirky friday five

1. i like to eat pbj sandwiches by eating around in a square the crust first and then eating the middle.

2. i think it’s fun to eat corn on the cob randomly…by searching for a bite that looks good and ending up with a mixed match looking piece rather than systematically going in rows or circles.

3. i like to smell food to see if i’ll like it…at camp, i even asked to smell some “blueberry waffle cone” ice cream before committing to it.

4. it takes a lot for me to really think about what someone’s voice sounds like if i haven’t been around them for a while…same thing about what they look like if i haven’t seen a picture…this makes me sad and makes it hard being away from people and probably why i put pictures everywhere but if i see them then it’s all there and i have a ridiculously good memory with names and stories.

5. sometimes i find myself deleting πŸ™‚ because i put too many in one sentence or paragraph…i just like to use them and make sure that the text i’m conveying is happy.

your turn! gimme 5 or so quirky or random things. (just deleted a smiley because I used one above!)


15 thoughts on “quirky friday five

  1. Before I do my five, please don’t delete. If that was what you wanted to write, then I want to see it. Be quirky!

    And especially don’t delete smileys!

    1. Getting my daily dose of B’ahava, even though I rarely respond! 😦

    2. Having Bible verses in Greek as my screen saver even though I can’t read them (well, not very well – they’ve usually changed before I get through them, and I only know what most of it is because I know them in English)

    3. Starting a book and getting bored or losing it and starting another, and another, and another. Sometimes I have 5 books “actively” on the go, and there’s probably dozens more that I may or may not get back to.

    4. I’m really struggling here. Those who know me could probably come up with 10 very quickly. I am quirky (although I think eccentric is probably more accurate, and whilst some see that as negative, I’m not ashamed at all). Wow, that didn’t turn out so hard after all. ^^ πŸ˜€

    5. Being a Christian! Now if only I was more Christian and less “normal” in the eyes of the world!

    Hmm, Praise God that in Christ I am perfectly Christian! πŸ˜‰

    • I think with the smileys part of the problem is that on wordpress I think they look a little less happy than what I think they should!
      1. aw, thank you! and it’s totally allowed to lurk sometimes–at least you come out to comment here and there, which is great!!
      2. how cool that you have greek on your screen saver!! i gave up on screen savers…now you’re making me want to have a picture one again πŸ™‚
      3. i read a lot of books at once…but have a hard time ever fully giving up on a book. i must see how it ends!

      and to end πŸ™‚

  2. Oh hey! I’m really good with names, faces, and stories too! I remember more than I usually want to. And it’s not like I TRY to remember…I just do. Also, I think it’s Jace who smells things all the time before eating them. (Of course I say I have a good memory and now can’t remember!!)

    1. When I get nervous I start talking faster. I feel like I have to finish what I’m saying before people lose interest. Like if I speak normally people will get bored and stop listening but I want to be heard, so I just up the pace of my speech.

    2. I talk to myself…outloud…a LOT! It’s not even that I mean to or realize it. I just start going through my to-do list or remember something and start talking. It’s not full conversations but still. (Sometimes I wonder who listens!)

    3. I think in lists. When I’m discussing something I’ll always say ‘This is because a. blah blah b. blah blah and c. blah blah’. It’s not like I pre-think the list, it’s just how my mind works.

    4. I have a happy-food dance. If I’m eating a favorite food or if I haven’t eaten in a while and I’m really hungry…I start swaying back and forth (there’s a little bounce with it too). I’m just too excited, I have to dance!

    5. Speaking of corn on the cob, I don’t eat it. I take a knife and cut the corn off. I don’t like getting those little string things in my teeth!

    Fun post =)

    • I agree…sometimes I remember more than I want to–and then I don’t like making other people feel bad if I know them, but they don’t know me…I’m extra good at the ha potentially creepy knowing people from a distance πŸ™‚
      1. me too! I used to talk super fast while teaching, but have gotten better at that. but it’s mostly that I’m nervous and all eyes are on me…
      2. I can’t wait to hear some of these conversations you have someday…i do that too, but more like random comments ha.
      4. yay for happy dances and happy food definitely deserves them!

  3. I’m sure there are a lot of quirky things about me but here are a few…

    1. I make noises.. for everything.
    2. I have to put my underwear on before I can put my bra on. It is just weird. Maybe that is a little too TMI but sorry.
    3. I have no filter… and I’m working on that.
    4. I like my apartment to be freezing cold and then be under tons of blankets and wear hoodies when it is 95 degrees outside.
    5. I don’t eat meat in tubular, loaf or slop form.

    :] Enjoy.

    • hahhaa, okay your list made me laugh! i so vote we become irl friends soon πŸ™‚
      I’ve never thought about the underwear thing….I mean I always do it that way…and it just seems weird and out of order to do it the other way…interesting. ha!
      I do like being curled up with blankets and the like, but I am not a fan of being cold…
      with the way you just described meat…i am thankful i’m a vegetarian!

  4. 1) I can’t help it but I giggle when someone gets hurt. 😦
    2) I like singing in the car real loud when I’m alone, ONLY if I’m alone.
    3) I wanted to be a boy so much growing up I ate dirt. Thankfully I’ve grown out of that and love being a lady now πŸ˜‰
    (you think you use the smileys….eish! I have two in my first 3!)
    4) I have picked up the silly phrases of every little place I have lived or that a roommate has lived. Ex: “awhile”-PA “wicked awesome”-NE. “eish”-South Africa. “Que Bueno” Argentina….. and SOOOO many more. It’s probably annoying to figure out where I am actually from.
    5) I love flowers, picking wildflowers, smelling the, growing them…. I love harvesting the beauty
    and…. 6 for good measure!
    6) When I hear something really exciting I do a little jump dance thing and clap my hands. SOunds totally stupid and silly and it is, but I”m SO happy I can’t contain it!

  5. 2-yes, singing in the car is a MUST. especially if only.
    3-I saw a kid eat a carrot out of the ground yesterday and he totally had dirt covering his face… πŸ™‚
    4-i’m glad you still use all the fun phrases no matter where you are πŸ™‚ i do too.
    5-i LOVE flowers. except random side note. i hate roses. they’re so boring and traditional πŸ™‚ i would love to have a little/big garden someday or just a field of wildflowers.
    6-that does not sound stupid or silly at all!!! i totally did something very similar just yesterday about some happy happy news!

  6. 5- I HATE ROSES TOO!!!!! IN any color or variety. So “traditional” and cliche and boring!!

    Also, hate diamonds. Again, get me something unique and “me”, not a rock that everyone has….

    • YES! you get it! some people don’t understand.
      and i agree, my man better get me something super unique and amazing for a ring πŸ™‚ plus, i like a little color.
      have you ever seen the tattoo wedding rings? some of those are awfully pretty…ha, but i’m kinda a wimp–no tattoos yet πŸ™‚

      • I agree, I don’t hate diamonds and I would definitely be happy to get one…for wedding rings it’s more the unique factor for me.

  7. 1. I eat M&M’s in order of favorite color standing. Least to greatest: Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Green. Orange and brown can be swapped depending on my mood.

    2. I say I don’t like guacamole, but I’ve never had it. Frankly I’m afraid to try it. I plan on dying without ever trying it and I’m good with that.

    3. I don’t wear a watch on the weekends. I figure why would I want to keep being reminded what time it is and how quickly my weekend is speeding past.

    4. I can’t, or I should say, I have problems walking down aisles at stores that other people are in. Especially if I’m only using it as a pathway to get somewhere else. I’ll go to start down an aisle and if someone is in it I’ll back step and keep going till I find an empty aisle.

    5. I’m right handed but put my left shoe and/or sock on first. Apparently most people put on which ever side is dominant first. Not me. Also when I took sign language in college I signed left handed. No I don’t really know any sign any more.

    • 1. I do the same with food! I eat the white smarties (american kind) last. I don’t know if I have a specific order for m&m’s it might change on my mood.
      2. sad! i LOVE guacamole and avocado sandwiches are fabulous. but I will admit that for the longest time I couldn’t get over the color.
      3. I used to wear a watch all.the.time. but now I don’t at all and I don’t miss it!
      5. hmmm, I don’t know what I do…I’ll have to check next time!

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